Why to stay with us and discover Haute-Marne region?

If you are looking for spectacular events, fee-based distractions, large shopping malls or huge amusement parks, Bassigny region will probably not be the suitable destination.

Whereas, this countryside is inviting you to step back for a moment, to switch off your cell phones or tablets or any other electronic device. Put aside your avatars and their artificial worlds et plunge into a real life experience –

– pure and natural – and open your eyes wide to glance at the stunning and amazing beauty of the countryside which often goes unseen.

Haute-Marne and The National Forest Park between Champagne and Burgundy

Haute-Marne region, the so called « Green Lungs of Europe», is today one of the most important woodlands in France.  The National Park between Champagne and Burgundy covers an area of 241 089 ha, of which 125 496 ha of sole forest.  Until now, none of the existing National Parks were designed to protect deciduous forests in plains.

The 11th French National Park, created in 2019, is located on the « Plateau of Langres », between the departments of Cote-d’Or and Haute-Marne. Its primary purpose is to preserve the state-owned forests of Châtillon, Arc-en-Barrois and Auberive and all neighbour woods forming a large group of mainly beeches and oak trees, typical forest cover for the vast limestone plateaus of the north-eastern Paris basin.  The park is also aiming to protect marshlands and dry grasslands, rocky scree and prairies in valley bottoms, as well as the rich archaeological and historical heritage.

The region is hosting most remarkable species of local flora and forest avifauna is well represented with, in particular, several pairs of black storks. In addition, you will find a great number of stags, roe deers and boars. The wildcat is fairly common, but much discreet.

For more information follow the link : http://www.forets-parcnational.fr/fr

Nature …

At first you might think that you will find a new theme park where black storks are posing at sunset for a wonderful picture.

Sorry, but reality is much less spectacular!  You will need experience, patience and a bit of luck to be able to spot the wild inhabitants of the forest. So please, keep in mind that the first reason for this Park to exist was to created a protection zone for wildlife on a long run, reducing as much as possible human interferences in order to guarantee the whole reserve to develop its naturalness throughout the next 200 years.

Nonetheless, the forest is hiding plenty of secrets and mysteries.  In this particular case, the forest of Celles en Bassigne lends itself perfectly to explore the existing matters, the reason to be and the existing interdependences in the forest ecosystem and its special features.

We would like to share with you those little wonders and sharpen your minds to each individual options one’s have to preserve this fragile but still existing (for how long? ) biodiversity next to us.

Go on a discovery tour with a passionate naturalist:

  • nature hiking
  • naturalist workshop
    (learn all about the work of a naturalist and its techniques)
  • nature photography workshop


Our hikes and outings are tailored to the group structure (kids are welcome!) and to the current environment.

Contact us for a customized experience!

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… serving well-being

“Forest bathing» as well as the sylvotherapy are very much appreciated nowadays. These new therapeutic approach brings a better generality thanks to the reconnection to nature and to the energy vibrations emitted by the trees.

Try the practice of Shinrin-Yoku or Yoga and enjoy the enhancement of health, wellness, and happiness.

Find your spiritual balance and fortune thanks to individual field work. Find out what nature can bring you.

We believe that the discovery of the natural heritage and one’s search for wellbeing is utterly linked to the understanding and respect for nature and the living.

Those who understand this quest will naturally live in harmony with nature and tend to preserve it.  

Leave town to settle in the countryside in order to live season after season. Acting instead of enduring and taking action in order to leave an ecological footprint…. You’ll easily come to the understanding that personal development may be inspired by nature and there is the key-idea of our offer here in Celles en Bassigny.

We propose individual training and coaching to open your minds and create prospects without any limitation…. (vast variety of practices or theories exist).

sortie nature Haute-Marne